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Schmooze & Booze - The Podcast

Rita & Salima

Hello and welcome to the Schmooze and Booze podcast! We are Rita and Salima and we are cousins who meet up once a week to talk about life while enjoying a glass of wine/booze. Each conversation will focus on one specific topic; we share our experiences, our thoughts and, on occasion, invite guests to share their expert opinions. Every other week, we include an episode about how to read the Tarot cards and develop our intuitions.

Recent Episodes

49-Pandemic fatigue and taking a breakOctober 03, 2021 Episode artwork 48-Planning a small wedding with RitaAugust 27, 2021 Episode artwork 47- Online shopping, new normal, and seeing a therapistAugust 07, 2021 Episode artwork 46-Supportive partners: building healthy relationshipsJuly 23, 2021 Episode artwork 45-Bed time routines for adults! July 11, 2021 Episode artwork 44-Summer season: food, fashion and astrology: Cancer, Leo, VirgoJune 27, 2021 Episode artwork 43-Moving into a 100 years old home! June 05, 2021 Episode artwork 42-Trip planning to Hawaii: a conversation on post COVID travels, perfect packing and adventure tipsMay 21, 2021 Episode artwork 41- Dealing with Toxic Positivity and developing a positive mindsetApril 23, 2021 Episode artwork 40- Pop Culture! Kardashians, Bridgerton, Sex and the City...April 09, 2021 Episode artwork 39- 2021 Spring season, fashion, food and astrology March 26, 2021 Episode artwork 38-Self Care routines: laser hair removal, vampire facial and moreMarch 12, 2021 Episode artwork 37-Sensuality: tap into your power! February 27, 2021 Episode artwork 36-Astrology and Numerology mini-course with Jhandra CastellanosFebruary 19, 2021 Episode artwork 35- Valentine's conversation on love with our significant othersFebruary 12, 2021 Episode artwork 34- Two nurses from Washington state share how it feels to work during COVID19February 06, 2021 Episode artwork 33- Naturopathic medicine, a conversation with Dr. Megan MaycherJanuary 30, 2021 Episode artwork 32- Being a Trans Man; Kyle tells us his personal experienceJanuary 23, 2021 Episode artwork 31- Starting 2021, the energy of winter, the power of mediums and astrology tipsJanuary 15, 2021 Episode artwork 30- Lessons from 2020 and Happy New Year!December 26, 2020 Episode artwork 29- Hearbreaks: how they feel and how to learn from them and move onNovember 28, 2020 Episode artwork 28- Birthdays and dealing with the dilema of agingNovember 20, 2020 Episode artwork 27- Spirituality and Meditation as a daily practiceNovember 13, 2020 Episode artwork 26_How it feels to live in the USA right now (Nov 2020)November 06, 2020 Episode artwork 25_The Fall Season and how to tap into its energyOctober 30, 2020 Episode artwork